Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mall Hopping in Black & White

while in the car :> 

@BonChon; Megamall Branch
|Necklace - American Eagle|

Some Rootbeer with yoghurt on top for some refreshment :)
|Star Earrings - Bershka|

Skipped to SM Aura to check it out

@the Sky Garden

With Uncle Roderick :>

Tiptoed to finally reach my Uncle Reggie's height!

On my right arm:
| Ring - New Look |
|Cross Bracelet - SM Megamall (in a stall in front of the chapel)|
|Rectangular Metal with Braided Synthetic Leather - Riyadh|

My Everyday MUST wear :))
|Watch - Riyadh|
|Bracelet - Gift|

One of my favorite boots :>
|Leather Boots - Rina|

Hey bloggers! A pleasant day to all of you. We went to SM Megamall & SM Aura! yey! My thoughts about  the newly opened SM Aura? Well, they should really add more restaurants & totally..more chairs! I don't think it's fully operational yet. A lot of stores are still under construction and the Sky Garden isn't fully opened. But you know what? I'm totally going to go back there! I think it has a lot of potential & has a Riyadh feel to it (the place where i grew up) The shops are totally cool & some of it can only be found there. In my own personal opinion, go to SM Megamall for food then go straight to SM Aura for shopping! In the End? A totally awesome day! :)

About the OOTD:
|Dress - Zara|
|Bandeau - Genevieve|
|Giacca Jacket - Terranova|
|Sling Bag - River Island|

Till next time! Take care & God Bless :")

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Just Sitting Around

| Shirt - New Yorker |
| Shoes - Rina |
| Bag - River Island |

just messing with blogger one last time before i go to sleep, it's 3:30 a.m already! people will be up so early later on, voting is up. Anyways, hopefully i'll get a hold of this and learn more tomorrow afternoon (i think i might sleep all day, ahahah) I hope people will elect the deserving senators, ohwell (too young to vote but too old to shove this topic aside, it's life changing) I'm rooting for one person only, ahhahaha (bad) we'll see what happens tomorrow. Good night <3 br="" nbsp="">
first day to blog

Trying it out

| Shirt - H&M |
| Shorts - Zara |
| Bag - River Island |
| Shoes - Kangaroos |

Still trying to test this thing out, it's 2 a.m already zZzz